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Friday October 18, 2013

Introducing GoingPrice Updater

Install and update all GoingPrice AddOns with ease.

Wednesday May 15, 2013

The GoingPrice AddOn has earned a Spotlight at Curse.com


Tuesday March 5, 2013

It's been a while, but Neikos is back!

GoingPrice AddOn data now comes directly from Battlenet® which gives my cyberminions the ability to craft REALM SPECIFIC ADDON'S.

Head on down to the download page and enjoy!

Sunday October 4, 2009

Neikos learns and adapts.

Say good-bye to the base addon!

Neikos marvelled at the elegance and power of the LibStub API -- used in many addons -- created by Kaelten, Cladhaire, ckknight, Mikk, Ammo, Nevcairiel, and joshborke over at WowAce.

Neikos has harnessed its power to create the LibGoingPrice library. All common functionality of the various GoingPrice addons has been moved into LibGoingPrice which will automagically be loaded when you install any one of the GoingPrice addons: GoingPrice_Allakhazam and GoingPrice_Wowhead

To wit, you don't need the GoingPrice base addon anymore!

Monday May 18, 2009

At the request of one grateful GoingPrice addon user, Luminasta, Neikos has crafted an enhancement to the GoingPrice_Allakhazam data source addon so that vendor buy and sell prices will additionally be displayed in the Allakhazam section of the tooltip.

Current users will have to go to the options panel to enable the new statistics as they will initially be in a discarded (hidden and not using up memory) state. Watch the video to learn how to enable discarded statistics.

New users, however, downloading GoingPrice for the first time, will see them right away.

Thursday May 7, 2009

Neikos finished implementing the New Items page. Be sure to check it out and see the latest items discovered on the data source websites.

Sunday April 19, 2009

GoingPrice's web site has been updated a little. You will find that the screenshots have been updated to the latest version of the addon.

Neikos has also added a video of GoingPrice in action!

Wednesday April 15, 2009

Neikos has updated GoingPrice to make it compatible with the latest World of Warcraft patch 3.1

Wednesday February 25, 2009

Neikos has added a slider in GoingPrice's options panel so that GoingPrice statistics can be moved higher/lower in the tooltip window relative to the tooltip info of other addons.

Neikos has also added mouseover help tips in GoingPrice's options panel.

Friday January 23, 2009

Courtesy of http://wowhead.com, Neikos has released a new data source addon called GoingPrice_Wowhead.

Wednesday January 14, 2009

Neikos pleased to announce the release of GoingPrice 3.0.3

As of this release, EnhTooltip and Stubby addons are no longer required. Instead, GoingPrice now uses the LibExtraTip library.

Also included in this version is a configuration panel located in Blizzard's Options AddOns tab.

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